Latest Intelligence

I LIKE TRAINS return. Their first hometown show in three and a half years will showcase material from a forthcoming new album. Details of the new album are on a strictly need to know basis. There are clues if you know where to look. Which data to scrape. Whose palms to grease.

Their previous studio album The Shallows, looked at our personal relationship with technology and how it shapes the way we think and retain knowledge. In the eight years since its release, those technological themes have taken an even more sinister turn. The truth is no longer concerned with the facts.

Live visuals will be provided by previous co-conspirator Michael Connolly – a Leeds born artist and designer. This new artwork promises to be a dynamic exploration of the new tech/cultural hegemony in which we are now all involuntary bit players.

Active Measures

Leeds International Festival
L20 Cube, Leeds, UK
09.05.20 20:00