Schwab Ria Agreement

SOSA and any future agreements you can enter into with Schwab will be subject to California state law, unless otherwise stated in another agreement, regardless of the conflict rules of laws. This is the case, whether you live or do business with Schwab in California or elsewhere. Unless a dispute is resolved by an applicable compromise clause, you agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city and county of San Francisco, California. If part of the SOSA is illegal, non-feasible or unenforceable, that part is considered separable and does not affect the validity and applicability of the other provisions. No person may refer an alleged or certified class action to an arbitral tribunal or attempt to enforce a pre-arbitration agreement to a person who has brought an alleged class action in court; or a member of an alleged class who has not declared himself out of the class with respect to the claims covered by the alleged group action until this arbitration agreement is binding and binding on the parties and their respective representatives, lawyers in fact, heirs, successors, beneficiaries of the assignment and any other person with or have a legal or beneficial interest in the account. , including court-appointed agents and liquidators. This arbitration agreement will also benefit third parties who assist Schwab in the provision of services (“third parties”) and who will be considered third-party beneficiaries of this arbitration agreement. SOSA, other online agreements and our website contain important information and regulatory information related to Schwab services. From time to time, Schwab may ask you to verify other important disclosures or agreements on a Schwab service. The terms and conditions of sale “My accounts” are an example.

We call all of these elements “data and disclosure sets.” The amendments do not affect the rights or obligations conferred on us prior to the amendment`s entry into force. No prior conduct, prior practice or oral statement by a Schwab employee or agent may alter or alter this written agreement, including, but not only, Schwab`s right to liquidate or close positions in a margin account at any time and without notice, as stated in the margin and short account agreement. If my Schwab account is converted to another Schwab account, whether it`s closing my Schwab account and opening another account, or some other way, I agree to read the terms of the agreement and attach it to the agreement that governs the other account in effect from time to time at the time of conversion and in the modified version thereafter. I understand that the terms of account of such an other account at Schwab, including account fees, other fees and fees, cash characteristics, interest rates and cash returns, may be different and more or less advantageous than comparable terms on my Schwab account. If I do not receive or understand the agreement on the account on which my Schwab account is converted, I will notify Schwab.