Ss&C Agreement

SS&C Agreement: What it means for the Financial Industry

The financial industry is a complex and ever-changing landscape, with a myriad of regulations and compliance requirements. The recent announcement of the SS&C agreement has been a hot topic of discussion among industry professionals, as it has the potential to bring significant changes to how financial firms operate. In this article, we will explore what the SS&C agreement is all about and what it means for the financial industry.

What is the SS&C Agreement?

The SS&C agreement is a deal between financial technology firm SS&C Technologies and institutional trading platform Eze Software. The agreement was officially announced in July 2018 and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2018. Under the terms of the agreement, SS&C will acquire Eze Software for $1.45 billion, making it one of the largest deals in the financial technology industry.

Eze Software is a prominent provider of investment technology and services, with a focus on hedge funds and asset managers. Its flagship product, Eze Investment Suite, is a comprehensive platform that provides portfolio management, trading, compliance, and operations solutions. The platform is used by over 2,500 clients worldwide, including some of the largest hedge funds and asset managers.

What does the SS&C Agreement mean for the Financial Industry?

The SS&C agreement is expected to have a significant impact on the financial industry, particularly in the area of investment technology. The acquisition of Eze Software will allow SS&C to expand its product offerings and increase its market share in the hedge fund and asset management space. It will also enable the company to better compete with other major players in the industry, such as BlackRock and State Street.

In addition, the acquisition is expected to bring significant benefits to Eze Software`s clients. The combined resources of SS&C and Eze Software will allow for the development of new and innovative products, as well as improvements to existing offerings. Clients can also expect to see increased efficiencies and cost savings as a result of the deal.

The SS&C agreement also highlights the trend of consolidation in the financial industry. In recent years, there has been a wave of mergers and acquisitions, as companies seek to gain a competitive advantage and expand their reach. The SS&C agreement is just the latest example of this trend, and it is likely that we will see more such deals in the future.


The SS&C agreement is a significant development in the financial technology industry, with the potential to bring significant benefits to both SS&C and Eze Software`s clients. The acquisition is expected to lead to the development of new and innovative products, increased efficiencies, and cost savings for clients. It also highlights the trend of consolidation in the financial industry, which is likely to continue in the years ahead. Overall, the SS&C agreement is a positive development for the financial industry, and its impact will be closely watched by industry professionals in the months and years ahead.